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Participate in the Editathon to educate about the heritage of Libya and pay it forward!


Aiming to empower the role of youth and local communities in contributing to educating about the importance of their heritage and documenting it,


participation is now open to 20 people for 

the Editathon online Workshop

for editing articles about the 5 World Heritage Sites published on the

Wikipedia encyclopedia; a platform based on volunteering and the open and free sharing of knowledge.


Compared to articles on the heritage of other countries, articles on Libya's cultural heritage are yet short of information and references, especially those available in Arabic language. This allows YOU the opportunity to contribute to make known the cultural and historical richness of our country, nationally and internationally.


Participation is not limited to cultural heritage experts only. All are welcome to apply. 


A team of trainers and heritage experts will be with you to assist you in:

  • Discovering the 5 Libyan sites on the UNESCO's Endangered List and their importance (these are: Shahat, Acacus, Ghadames, Lebda, & Sabratha).

  • Using the Wikipedia editing platform.

  • Determining the articles that need to be updated on the platform (by adding information, images, references, or translation).

  • Searching for scientific information and reliable sources.

  • The writing and publishing process.


The 3 most outstanding participants will be featured on the WHINDanger website, evaluated according to the quality of their contributions.

All 20 participants will receive Certificates of thanks for their contributions.



The workshop will be held on

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

for one day *



Online, on Zoom

(The event link will be sent to selected participants via email.)


You will need:

A laptop and a cup of coffee!


To participate:

Please fill the form available on this link

The first 20 applications will be selected and contacted with further information via e-mail.



The event will be held in Arabic, with the possibility of selecting a a working group in English or French during the workshop part of the programme.

You can edit the articles in any language of your choice. Articles will be translated later by a volunteer team.



for receiving participation applications is

Saturday 11 September 2021


* The workshop will take between 4-5 hours. A detailed programme will be

e-mailed to selected participants. 

(Please vote for your preferred period of day from among the options available in the registration form. The period with the highest number of votes will be adopted.)

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