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Photography Competition


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Dina El Gallal

Photographer; East of Libya

Dina is a fine artist, photographer and video producer from Benghazi, and a member of the Tanarout Collective for Libyan Creativity and the Libya Film Foundation. 


Dina held a number of personal exhibitions in photography and fine arts and participated in various collective exhibitions with other artists, as well as instructing a number of workshops on photography.

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Haithem Amo

Photographer, South of Libya

Haithem is an art director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the framework organization for training and media development.

He is also the Director of the Information Office of Shaghaf Organization for Dialogue, Debate and Humanitarian Action; Director of Hemo Production for Media, participating in the nat geo-moment. competition; Photographer and designer for the community health visitor team Sebha  Graphic Designer at Tamzawa Organization for Training and Development; and Designer at Vision Foundation for Astronomy and Space Sciences.

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Susan Abugrara

Archaeologist; Dept. of Antiquities


Susan holds a Bachelor degree in Archaeology from the University of Padova (Italy) and a Master's degree in Archaeology from the University of Leicester (UK). Her research interests are North African urbanisation in Phoenician and Roman eras, funerary archaeology and Libyan heritage in general.


At the Department, she is a founding member of a team of experts that promote good conservation practices and digitization of the archaeological archives. She is also a consultant for the National Historical Archive of Libya and UNESCO. In April 2021 she started a PhD at the University of Durham and her research project focuses on the urban development and transformation of ancient Oea (Tripoli) from the Phoenician to the early Islamic period. With this research, she hopes to reconstruct in a diachronic way the archaeological landscape of the city, redressing the imbalance in the information we have compared to its late medieval and early modern history.

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Take part in the photo contest

For 'World Heritage Sites in Danger' in Libya

Within the global WHINDanger project


The competition aims to motivate communities to contribute to the definition and documentation of their cultural heritage.

The posts contribute to the expansion of the visual archive around the sites, which is available to the public on Wikipedia encyclopedia.

It is based on open participation, free of charge, and volunteering.

This contribution is not limited to the winning photos only, but the best participating photos will be published on Wikipedia and the project website, with the name of the photographer who submitted the photo according to a Creative Commons License.

Contest terms:

(1) The photograph should be of one of the Libyan sites inscribed on the World Heritage List,

namely: Acacus, Ghadames, Lebda, Sabratha, and Shahat.

(2) The photograph must be taken personally and you have full ownership and copyright.

(3) That people do not appear in the photo frame.

For each of the five sites, a selection will be made:

first place winner,

and a second-place winner,

These will be selected by a Jury of expert archaeologists and photographers.


first place:

Amazon Kindle Gift Card 

for purchasing books and/or e-books.

Second place:

Domestika Gift Card

that enables the winners to attend 3 training courses of their choice online, with a certificate upon completion. Courses include the arts, photography, design, animation, marketing, technology and others.

Selection criteria:

(1) The quality and aesthetics of the image.

(2) Encyclopedic important; the extent to which the image contributes data on artifacts or archaeological buildings not widely covered on Wikipedia encyclopedia.

How to participate:

(1) Enter the competition link dedicated to the 5 Libyan sites:

(2) Register and confirm via the link sent to your email.

(3) Choose from the 5 World Heritage sites in Libya.

(4) Upload the photo and relevant details, if available.

(5) Submit.

Instructions are demonstrated in the video bellow.

Final date for accepting contributions:

October 28, 2021

You can submit more than one image and more than one site.

(It is prohibited to send images from the Internet or without the permission of the owner, and the sender is responsible for the consequences of misusing the rights of the original photographer.)

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